〈Facial Treatment〉

V Beauty Cosmedical Centre uses only the best medical technology and a Star medical team to ensure the safety, beauty and well-being of our customers. For instance, our research Department travels worldwide to leading medical sites in order to find only the highest quality equipment and innovative treatments for you. We specialize in facial treatments, body slimming and anti-aging.
Our luminary medical team offers plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as dermatologic and orthopaedic treatments.Furthermore we offer a variety of body treatments such as massages, facials and healthcare.
Our goal is to give woman of all ages the best possible skin and health care. Because you’re Beautiful!


Lifting Treatment

V-Lift Facial

V-Lift is a new type of non-invasive lifting method that combines bipolar & multipolar radio frequency and far-infrared rays. V-Lift uses the Refill Technology which is an innovative dual-energy delivery system (RF light & IR light). This ensures a complete energy delivery. Due to the heat, recombinant collagen will be decomposed. This wakes the natural healing process of the body and therefore promotes the formation of new collagen fibers and rejuvenates the skin.

The 6 in 1 Multi-RF

The 6 in 1 Multi-RF penetrates the skin while using it’s impedance to generate energy. Furthermore the multiple RF waves also stimulate the cell's molecules to generate a strong resonance rotation which generates heat and therefore instantly increases the temperature of the dermis to 45 to 60 degrees. The far-infrared laser (904nm) penetrates up to 30-40mm into the cortex, stimulates the deeper cells which helps the collagen to regenerate rapidly.


Specialized Program

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來自瑞士的Derma Medream,是由Centre De Recherchches Biocosmetiques S. A.生化科技所研發製造,使用得天獨厚的零污染水源並採擷純淨植物菁萃而成。無針滲透填充科技療程原理:重組及結實膠原蛋白及、刺激纖維母細胞的合成,多元充填成份填充每條細紋,膨脹面部肌膚組織。

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美塑槍能定層、定量、超微滲透利用超微滲透技術,將各種細胞能量劑及營 養素點對點地精確輸送到皮膚中胚層,直接作用於細胞和各種組織,使肌膚組織迅速吸收。即時實現明顯定位、定向、定層、定量的深層皮膚養護。

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