BB Gun

BB Gun


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How does BB Gun work?

BB Gun is an Aqua Lifting Automatic Injector (an upgrade of the original Vital Injector) with the latest technology of utilizing nine micro-needles simultaneously, thereby maximizing the effect and significantly shortening treatment time. BB Gun disposable filter system also promises a safe & hygienic procedure.


Other skincare products are only absorbed by the skin at a rate of 7% to 8%


From a medical perspective, water tends to evaporate. To achieve long-lasting hydration, it’s essential not to limit skincare products to the superficial epidermal layer. In reality, most skincare products’ nutrients remain on the skin’s surface, failing to be fully absorbed and often evaporating.

In contrast, the principle behind the baby gun differs from other skincare products. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Through “Mesotherapy,” which targets dermal dehydration, it truly replenishes and locks in moisture. This approach enhances skin elasticity, reduces fine wrinkles, and brightens complexion.

Within a short time, you can achieve smooth, intensely hydrated skin without relying on expensive skincare products. 



Distinguishing Medical-Grade BB Gun from Conventional Beauty Salon Water Light Guns

  1. Fully Automated Operation:

    • Traditional water light guns are often manually adjusted by practitioners to control needle depth, which can lead to inaccuracies.
    • Medical-grade BB Guns, however, operate entirely automatically. Using an intuitive computer interface, precise injection parameters such as depth, speed, and essence dosage are set.
    • This automation ensures consistent and accurate treatment across different facial areas.
  2. Shorter, Painless Treatment:

    • The medical-grade baby gun employs ultra-fine needles (9 needles) in conjunction with vacuum suction.
    • This combination accelerates treatment speed and minimizes discomfort.
    • In just 20 minutes, the procedure is completed, making it efficient and virtually painless.



Differences Between BB Gun and Regular Facial Care (FACIAL)

The micro-needling technique of the baby gun ensures precise and comprehensive penetration. By directly injecting high-energy skincare solutions into the targeted skin tissue, it allows rapid absorption and effective action. Compared to conventional topical or oral beauty products, the baby gun delivers superior efficacy.


Scientific testing and clinical validation demonstrate that mesotherapy (also known as the baby gun treatment) has a higher absorption rate than standard topical skincare. It’s an excellent choice for busy individuals or those who prefer low-maintenance beauty routines. 



What can the BB Gun improve?

It hydrates and moisturizes the skin, and the injection of nutrients through extremely fine needle punctures activates skin repair. Additionally, it stimulates fibroblast and collagen production, reduces pore size, and fades wrinkles.




After baby gun treatment, you may experience the following short-term reactions:
  • Mild Redness: The skin may appear slightly red.
  • Gradual Resolution: Typically, these effects subside within a few days.
Here are the post-treatment precautions following baby gun therapy:
  • Skin Care and Hygiene:
    • After baby gun treatment, your skin will have tiny needle punctures. Be cautious about skin hygiene to prevent infections.
    • Keep the treated areas clean and follow proper skincare routines.
  • Avoid Irritating Products:
    • Refrain from using harsh or abrasive products for at least a week after treatment.
    • Avoid products containing ingredients like acids, exfoliants, or strong peels.
  • Sun Protection:
    • Within the first week post-treatment, ensure thorough sun protection.
    • Sunscreen is essential to prevent any pigment-related issues.
Who Is Suitable for BB Gun Treatment?

The baby gun treatment is particularly suitable for individuals with the following skin concerns:

  • Long-Term Dehydration and Dryness: If your skin has been consistently lacking moisture.
  • Dull, Uneven Complexion: For those with dark, lackluster, or uneven skin tone.
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines: If you’re dealing with wrinkles and fine lines.
Who is not suitable for baby gun treatment?

Individuals with immune system disorders, cancer, or systemic diseases.

After baby gun treatment, you may experience the following adverse reactions:
  • Petechiae and Bruising: These are caused by broken capillaries and may appear as small bleeding points or bruises.
  • Redness and Swelling: These symptoms are common and typically resolve naturally within a few hours after the procedure.
When should you avoid baby gun treatment?

If your skin is currently inflamed (such as severe acne, allergies, or sunburn), it’s best to wait until the inflammation subsides before proceeding with the treatment.