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BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin A) is a natural, purified protein that has been FDA-approved on aesthetic medical treatments. The high purity protein interferes with nervous conduction system in order to release tension in the muscle tissues. This results in a flattened and smoothed skin relatively fast.


In general, 1-2 weeks after the treatment you will see significant results. The treatments effect is under normal conditions sustainable for 3-6 months.


BOTOX is best suitable to::

  • Flatten wrinkles and improve facial contour

Efficiently removes wrinkles, forehead lines, crow‘s feet and sad wrinkles. Furthermore it flattens the skin in the eyebrows, nose region, neck and lips.


  • Sweat reduction

Effectively reduce armpit, palm and leg sweating. Notable effect will show within 4 weeks and last for over 200 days. However the duration of the effect varies from each person.


  • Reduces Shoulder Pain, Calves Reduction and tightens the area under the arms

BOTOX relaxes muscles which will result in a slimmer and enhanced feminine appearance of both arms and legs. Besides, it’s effective for shoulder pain that caused by any swelling, inflammation, tearing or bone changes around the tendons.




Treatment hyperhidrosis with Botox


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Subcutaneous injection of BOTOX® inhibits the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from the nerve endings, blocking signal transmission, and thus inhibit sweating.


What is hyperhidrosis?

Sweat glands are responsible for cooling and regulation of body temperature. When sweat glands are over-secreted due to stimulation, it will cause underarm hyperhidrosis19, bringing inconvenience to lives.


Do you have below conditions?

  • Both sides of underarm will sweat much even doing little exercise
  • Underarm sweating makes me feel embarrassed
  • Family history of hyperhidrosis
  • Odor caused by sweating affects social and daily lives


Reduce severe underarm sweating

BOTOX® treatment is simple and non-invasive. It provides long term relief of sweating and reduces body odor caused by sweating

✓ 95% patients agree to obtain obvious result in sweat reduction one week after treatment23

✓ According to a clinical study, patients receiving BOTOX® treatment achieved an 83% reduction in sweating after 1 week

✓ Result last up to 205 days after one treatment

What makes BOTOX® different from others



BOTOX® treatment is simple and provides long term relief of sweating. It only takes 10-15 minutes and no anesthesia or hospitalization is required.


  • Antiperspirants

Only short-term relief of sweating can be achieved and repeated applications are needed. Body odor occurs when sweat mixes with antiperspirants.


  • Surgery to remove sweat glands

It involves invasive that may cause darker skin or scars and is relatively more expensive. High recurrence rate and compensatory sweating may also occur


  • World’s No.1 selling brand
  • 100 million vials of BOTOX sold globally
  • Over 30 years of FDA approval
  • Approved and distributed in 100 markets around the world
  • Supported by over 4200 clinical articles in scientific and medical journals
How long does BOTOX® effect last?

BOTOX® treatment on wrinkles can last for up to 6 months18 while BOTOX® treatment on underarm sweating can last for up to 205 days24. You can repeat the treatment to achieve your desired results. After the BOTOX® effect wears off, your wrinkles will only gradually come back and will not get worse.

I would like to receive BOTOX® treatment, but I heard that it was produced from a toxin. Is it safe?
BOTOX® is a highly purified protein complex produced under strict laboratory rules and conditions. With 30 years of clinical and experiences in the world, and being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.25, the safety of BOTOX® has been well-proven.
Does BOTOX® dosing increase every treatment?

No. The doctor tailors the dosage in accordance to the extent of muscle contraction for the required areas. Clinical studies show that the results of BOTOX® treatments last longer as the number of treatment increases, which can reduce the number of treatments gradually in the long run17.

Does BOTOX® make your face stiff and damage your facial muscle?

BOTOX® only affects the treated areas. It does not make your face stiff under correct use. BOTOX® would just temporarily relax the overactive muscles on face in order to smooth away dynamic wrinkles, therefore will not cause damage to facial muscles under correct use.