Double Stem Cell

Double Stem Cell


Trial Price: $780


Double Stem Cell's Cross-wave Ultrasound can increase the HSPs, reduce MMPs, increase GAGsand improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. The Cross-wave Ultrasound has different penetration depths, thereby stimulating the active factors of cells to improve skin condition.  MMFU + High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can let the face lifting, moisturizing, radiance, and the anti-aging effect is remarkable and long-lasting.



Advantage of Double Stem Cell:

 Face lifting  Increase skin elasticity  Collagen improve Moisturizing  Tighten pore  Increase growth factor activity


Double Stem Cell utilizes a cutting-edge beauty technology based on the following principles:

The Dual-Effect Cellular Therapy of Double Stem Cell employs dual-frequency variable ultrasound waves. Simultaneously and continuously, it emits dual ultrasonic frequencies (10MHz / 3MHz / 1MHz), allowing energy transmission deep into subcutaneous tissues. The dual-frequency ultrasound effectively suppresses destructive proteins while stimulating the production of reparative proteins and moisturizing factors. This multifaceted approach combats skin aging, enhances self-healing capabilities, locks in moisture, promotes efficient anti-aging effects, repairs cells, and reverses signs of aging. The treatment process is gentle, comfortable, painless, and non-invasive, making it an ideal solution for sensitive skin repair. 

What is MMPs、GAGs、HSPs?

Double Stem Cell Therapy utilizes alternating ultrasonic waves of different frequencies to penetrate deep into the skin. It effectively suppresses MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases), delaying skin aging and combating worsening sensitivity. By reducing collagen loss and degradation, it promotes skin regeneration.

Additionally, it enhances the production of HSPs (heat shock proteins), which strengthen skin structure and repair damaged cells. These proteins stimulate collagen cell generation, resulting in perfect restoration for sensitive and aging skin. The skin becomes plump, youthful, and resilient.

In the final step, the therapy locks in GAGs (glycosaminoglycans), also known as moisturizing factors. It increases hyaluronic acid molecules while promoting metabolic activity, leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated. The core of this treatment focuses on cellular activity, ensuring cells remain active and healthy. Naturally, it addresses various sensitive skin issues at their root, while also improving lymph and blood circulation. The result is naturally full and flawless skin, achieving perfect cellular beauty.

Which skin type is suitable to do Double Stem Cell?

Double Stem Cell has no limitations based on skin type. It is suitable for improving various skin issues and is a versatile cellular beauty device. Whether your clients have eczema, redness, sensitivity, or rosacea, or even if they struggle with severe acne, our flagship sensitive skin repair device can help address their concerns, boost their confidence, and expand your customer base. 

Double Stem Cell only need one treatment to be effective?

Yes, you can see the lifting effect of Double Stem Cell after only one treatment. However, the result is considering the cell growth cycle, it is recommended to maintain it 1-2 times a month. If you want to have a better improvement effect, you can do it 3-4 times a month.

The treatment is painful or not?

Double Stem Cell's Cross-wave Ultrasound does not contain pain and just have a warm feeling.