6 in 1 Multi-RF Facial Treatment

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6 in 1 Multi-RF Facial Treatment


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Radiofrequency (RF), abbreviated as RF, refers to a type of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave. When applied to the skin, RF waves heat the collagen fibers in the dermal layer to temperatures between 68°C and 72°C. This immediate contraction of collagen fibers tightens loose skin and reduces wrinkles. Additionally, stimulated collagen proteins gradually increase, promoting firmness and elasticity in the dermal layer. As a result, RF treatments achieve skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

The Hexapolar Radiofrequency (6-pole RF) is the third generation following the initial monopolar RF (450 KHz) and bipolar RF (1 MHz). It retains the advantages of non-invasive skin tightening and wrinkle reduction seen in previous RF technologies while introducing unique technical benefits. With deeper penetration, multipolar RF simultaneously heats both the dermal layer and subcutaneous fat, offering not only skin tightening and wrinkle reduction but also fat reduction and body contouring. Clinically validated, multipolar RF stands as the safest and most effective method for achieving simultaneous skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, fat reduction, and body sculpting.



  • LED Blue-ray

Rejuvenates, activates cells, detoxifies, reduces inflammation, improves acne and firms the skin


  • Six-pole RF

Stimulates collagen tissue, reduces texture, tightens pores, firms and lifts contours


  • Negative pressure suction

Accelerates lymphatic and blood circulation, improves facial edema and dullness