Advanced Skin Filler Clinical Treatment


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Advanced Skin Filler Clinical Treatment


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Derma Medream from Switzerland is developed by Centre De Recherchches Biocosmetiques S. A. Biochemical Technology and has the following effects:


Features of Advanced Skin Filler Clinical Treatment:

  • Effective interference with cells reduces the formation of melanin. Furthermore it softens, firms and restores elasticity of interstitial skin
  • High-speed penetration into the bottom layer of the skin instantly fills all fine lines and dry lines to infuse the skin with fresh water and therefore moisturizes immensely
  • It can relieve the mild skin discomfort caused by sensitivity and repairs the skin tissue.
  • Eliminates acne marks, freckles and melanin
  • Balances the proliferation of collagen, which also deeply moisturizes scars, helps reduce sore marks and regenerates smooth skin and therefore delays cell aging