Korean Foundation Facial Treatment

Korean Foundation Facial Treatment


  • Trial Price $480


The new product from Dermedics in the United States can tenderize the skin and improve skin glossiness, while providing long-lasting moisturizing and whitening effects. The effect can last for 10-15 days after just one treatment. The product mainly uses electric micro-needles to extract natural plant-based makeup and moisturizing essence to match skin color. For those with dark skin, dullness, and large pores, the micro-tattooing technique can be used to enhance skin brightness and reduce pigmentation.


Auto Mirco Needle Therapy System

  • The micro-needles used are manufactured in Korea and registered with the FDA. The nano-silver plating technology is highly effective in antibacterial and antioxidant properties, with high hardness and purity and no side effects.

  • The disposable safety needle is disinfected-free to ensure the safety and hygiene of the treatment.

  • The straight-out and straight-in design can output 12,000 delivery channels per second with 1,000 electric outputs per second as needed.


AMTS electric micro-needles are used to puncture the skin with 12 fine needles, creating tiny straight-through holes in the epidermis layer, causing minor trauma to the skin. After the skin is injured, the human immune system is immediately activated, secreting macrophages and white blood cells to fight back and repair. At the same time, the essence is penetrated into the deep layer of the skin through the small holes, making the skin quickly and efficiently moisturized and stimulating collagen protein growth.


The function of AMTS

The length of electric micro-needles can be freely adjusted from 0.25mm to 2.5mm to play different roles. 

0.25mm: eyes, hair
0.5mm: Eyes, Eyes bags, fine lines, acne scar
1.0mm - 1.5mm: Wrinkles, Cellulite tissue, Refine pores, Reduce stretch marks
2.0mm - 2.5mm: Deeper wrinkles, Severe stretch marks, Acne pitting