Swiss sheep placenta anti-aging treatment

Swiss sheep placenta anti-aging treatment


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Swiss live cell brand sheep placenta live cell ingredients, using the latest ultra-microfilm nano-technology, the large molecule bioactive ingredients in the sheep placenta are biologically lysed into 5000dt high-activity biological ingredients. Extract the nutrients and high-activity nutrients in the sheep placenta to the maximum extent, making the sheep placenta live cells 5 times stronger and exerting 5 times the effect of removing spots, while also rapidly enhancing skin vitality and lightening corner spots.


Combined with professional beauty equipment and techniques, it quickly penetrates the skin and reaches the basal layer of the skin, achieving an excellent effect of repairing cell molecules, making the skin instantly moisturized, white, firm, elastic, and shiny.



✓ Effectively repair withered cells and delay skin aging

✓ Improve roughness, wrinkles, sagging, and aging skin

✓ Activate collagen regeneration, shrink pores, and restore firmness and elasticity

✓ Repel deep pigments, lighten spots, and even skin tone

✓ Restore water and luster to make the skin healthy and bright

✓ Increase the density of the dermis