Summer Translucent and Whitening Treatment

Summer Translucent and Whitening Treatment


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The new product from Dermedics in the United States can tenderize the skin and improve skin glossiness, while providing long-lasting moisturizing and whitening effects. The effect can last for 10-15 days after just one treatment. The product mainly uses D-COOL to extract natural plant-based makeup and moisturizing essence to match skin color. For those with dark skin, dullness, and large pores, enhance skin brightness and reduce pigmentation.


D Cool

Using the latest high-tech electronic technology, high and low pulse, hot and cold ion introduction & export technology, and cooling cycle technology, a new product has been developed. The product’s single handle integrates three functions, namely cold, heat, micro-electricity, and low-frequency radio frequency. It transmits electric pulses to skin cell tissue, temporarily forming micropores on the skin surface, and nutrients can penetrate into the cells more quickly and effectively through these micropores. It can help the skin detoxify, soothe the skin, shrink pores, relax muscles, increase penetration, and many other effects


Cooling System: Hot System:
At a minimum temperature of -15°C, it can effectively regulate the secretion of oil, improve large pores, soothe the skin, and combat oily and acne-prone skin. At a maximum temperature of 40°C, it can relax tense facial muscles, stimulate collagen protein synthesis, improve sagging, smooth wrinkles, and tighten the skin.



  • Improving melanin, dullness, and large pores
  • Enhance skin radiance and lighten blemishes
  • Non-invasive needle-free therapy
  • Highly efficient nutrient permeability Introduction to the dermis of the skin
  • Does not damage the surface of the skin and skin cell tissue
  • Adjust blood circulation, improve nutrient metabolism
  • Enhance immune function, promote tissue repair
  • Regulate the function of the nervous system