Super Tornado(PDO)

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Super Tornado(PDO)


Super Tornado Thread by Polydioxanone (PDO) is FDA and KFDA approved.

The usage of blunt cannula for this treatment will inject 10 PDO threads and aid lifting and tightening of skin tissues by inducing collagen production.

During this procedure, threads are inserted into the deeper connective tissues. They attach themselves in the subcutaneous tissue and create a tension into the desired direction, which will firm up instantly and boost collagen production in order to reduce the effect of droopy eyelids and eye bags. Furthermore it gently lifts the eyes.



  • Facial lifting, firming and enhanced facial features
  • Plumping effect, smoothing/flattening of wrinkles and increased collage volume
  • Correction of tears ditches due to loss volume of collagen


Applicable Area:

  • Extended eye size
  • Eye Lifting
  • Improved tears ditch
  • Correction of eye bags
  • Plump up the area of nasolabial fold and marionette lines
  • Restoring the plumpness of the cheeks
  • Fill weakened muscles and lift sagging skin
  • Flatten neck lines and tighten sagging neck skin
  • Fill facial hollows


Before & After:

Self Photos / Files - 3432