Double Lock Thread: Say bye to your double chin

Double Lock Thread is a fully absorbable lifting thread for sagging double chins.

Double Lock Thread combines *75% polycaprolactone + 25% polylactic acid*, which can be used for double chins, and the lifting effect is much more obvious than ordinary threads.

The thread body is jagged, and the double needle loops are suspended to lift the double chin. The lifting force is higher and stronger, and the force is evenly distributed. Therefore, the Double Lock Thread can be completely fixed under the skin, reducing the chance of displacement. The result of tightening the double chin is obvious, and the result can be seen immediately.

The recovery period is very short and fast, no scars are left, no surgery is required, no sutures are required, and the treatment is effective once. The effect lasts for *18-24 months*, or even longer¹².